Cherry blossom soba

Cherry blossom bloomed early this year, really early. Usually they come in April just when the new school year begins, but this year, in mid March! The weather was gorgeous last week, and people flooded the cherry blossom area. Not only are the blossoms beautiful, but it is beautiful to observe people enjoy nature.

This past weekend, my mom made soba at home for lunch. The soba was not a typical one but one that had cherry blossom flavor. You can tell in the picture below that the soba is pink compared to normal grey colored soba. Once boiled, which you only need to do for 3 minutes, you drain the boiling water and cool the noodles with cold water. That makes the soba from cooking itself further. To be frank, I could not taste the cherry but it had less earthy soba (or buckwheat)-flavor to the noodles. I dipped it in soba dip that came with this package, and added some wasabi, sesame, and sliced long green onion.




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