Tamago or egg roll

My mom loves ceramics and plates, and I guess I got her genes. In the spirit of celebrating cherry blossoms, my mom pulled out these plates from the cabinet. I had not seen these plates for a while because they were stored away and I was absent from Japan during my college years that ended about 11 months ago (wow…!).

These plates are beautiful. On top of it is tamagoyaki or egg roll my mom made. I’ve had several tamagoyaki posts already and explained the background of this creation. You can read it in detail here: https://takaskitchen62.wordpress.com/2012/12/16/tamagoyaki/

My mom and I use different ingredients. Since my kitchen does not have Japanese cooking sake, I don’t include it but my mom does. It gives a more sour flavor and perhaps smoother texture to the egg roll. She also likes to make hers a large one. I like thin long ones because I put them in my obento. Chunky ones like these are great side dishes–we had them together with my previous cherry blossom soba post!




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  1. Spotted SF says:

    Would love to try and make this myself!

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