Tacos at Georges at the Cove, La Jolla, San Diego

This is the best scenic restaurant in La Jolla, or so I believe, at the Georges at the Cove. The never-missed sunshine in San Diego brings out the clear blue colors of the sky and ocean. This is a visit from a while back, but I will introduce the fabulous food I had here with Megan, her family, and Jeff.

It’s almost impossible to walk-in here on a weekend, but Megan’s parents kindly reserved our spot at the ocean terrace. My love for fish tacos did not–at all–stop me from ordering their “marinated and grilled fresh fish tacos.” I had two tacos here and I got the “Ancho chile shrimp tacos” as well. The mango salsa, jalapeno-lime creme fraiche, guacamole and shredded cabbage, which are what gets concocted together as taco with the choice of protein, really was a balanced combination. Plus, the fish and shrimp are warm, so that makes this dish a complete meal. I have several fish taco recommendations, but this restaurant is one of the few places with this level scenery to enjoy with your meal.


Georges at the Cove: http://www.georgesatthecove.com


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