Burger extravaganza

Having spent my four years of college in Boston, just around a week ago, my excitement for Marathon Monday got me energized until I woke up the next morning in Tokyo with my friend’s text that said:”what is going on in boston…” Half asleep, I had no idea what had happened but quickly searched “Boston” on my iPhone and found out about what had happened. It truly hurt my heart that such exciting day turned into a terror with incidents that followed the bombs. I wish that I was able to do more than just watch the news. Also with my recent interest in running, I hope to keep on running for those in Boston who were affected in one way or another.

With this post, I bring back memories from a summer I spent in in Cambridge and Boston. Every weekday was spent at an incubator having interned at an online furniture shop that brought me various experiences and taught me some bits of professionalism. Every evening after work, I headed to the Boston Sports Club on Boylston Street, where I got into an airconditioned gym and hopped on a treadmill, occasionally rowed, and did some of my favorite stretches (sadly back then, I was not so into outside running). Then after, Jeff and I strolled on Boystlon towards Trader Joe’s where we often bought enough groceries that tore apart the doubled paper bags on our way home.

One occasion or two, we got into making homemade burgers. We bought fresh meat on the day and made yummy, pan fried and steamed burgers with various ingredients. Apologies for my iPhone 3S quality photos, but you can see that we tried more than several burgers.





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