Humongous BLT at Ovens, Tokyo, Japan

Firstly, humongous. Secondly, best sandwich in Tokyo.

You just have to go there to know it all. I don’t think my photos completes the reality. This is a restaurant? bar? near Shirokane Tananawa/a neighborhood in Tokyo. Jessi took me there after our run together around Asakasa Gosho before lunch, and let me just tell you that this was the perfect lunch! I think the next time I come back here, I’d like to run 20km so I can devour these sandwiches.

We got two sandwiches and shared it. Jessi and I actually came here not knowing the size of these sandwiches but for the Americanness of these sandwiches (Japanese sandwiches… are very different. I like them, but my liking is more towards  what I see in the below pictures).

The two sandwiches we got were: BLT and chicken cheese.

One at a time here… BLT. Look at the size, I don’t know if you can see but it’s amazing! Look at the thickness of the bacon! It is not crispy bacon but thickly cut fatty bacon (mmm!). Lots of fresh romaine lettuce, sweet sliced tomatoes, and with my favorite alfalfa. Can this get any better?



Then, the chicken cheese sandwich. Same reaction… look at the size! Nicely grilled juicy chicken gruyere cheese (that I can never spell correctly). Juice from the chicken was dripping as I somehow successfully made my bites. Since these two sandwiches came at separate times (chef, perfect!), I was pretty full 1/3 way into my second sandwich, but I conquered it!


Please visit! Oh, you see my green juice I got, but I will introduce that in a separate post!

They only have a Facebook page:


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