French toast from the Butler & the Chef, San Francisco

Another famous brunch spot in San Francisco — of course, my foodie college sister would bring me here! This restaurant is beautiful — cute yellow house and you kind of want to peak in to see what is going on inside because there, of course, is a line outside. That morning I went there, I decided to go for what they call Pain Perdu, their french toast (by the way, it was a very difficult decision because their menu offers so much delight just by reading it). Everything on their menu is organic by the way, which adds value to your experience there. The sweet french bread, eggs, and milk are all organic, and vanilla and maple syrup are 100% pure. This french toast was especially special because it was thickly sliced french bread that had egg and milk soaked thoroughly but was not soggy. Two important factors of french toast were beyond perfect in my opinion. I thought first that they didn’t give me enough butter (the rectangle on the right bottom part of the picture), but it was plenty because the maple syrup did the trick. I loved every bite of it, I wish I could go back tomorrow!


The Butler and the Chef website:


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  1. This looks soooo good!

    Shannon xx

    1. Plates of Art says:

      It was good.. and we waited to get in, but it was certainly worth the wait! Hope you get to visit 🙂

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