Greek yogurt soon?

Happy 2014! WordPress sent me a report on how Plates of Art got viewers to come. I want to share some interesting statistics with my readers:

Thank you everyone!

Today is a post where I will introduce one of my favorite foods I learned when I went to live in the States starting 2008. Please let me introduce greek yogurt! Greek yogurt does not necessarily come from Greece, rather it is a type of yogurt that has been strained and has whey (the liquid you get from yogurt) already separated. Some research say that because of the filtered process, greek yogurt is rich in protein and has less carbohydrates and sugar contents. Texture-wise compared to normal yogurt, greek yogurt is thick and therefore more filling.

My first greek yogurt brand introduced was Chobani. Chobani had limited variety but was sold at $2 per container in one serving size. The brand had yet to introduce larger containers at that time. Later I found Fage brand, then Dannon brand, then these brands started making their products more available.

But that was all in the land of U.S.A, and here I am, now in Japan. Do I see greek yogurt at a normal supermarket, convenience store, or at airports? Nope. I do find them at supermarkets that primarily targets foreign customers (not Costco, though!). Even if I find them there, I try not to look at them because they are ridiculously expensive… $29USD for 35 ounces. If there is anyone out there wanting to start a greek yogurt business with me, please let me know (!

Actually, there is Morinaga brand that offers greek yogurt in Japan. It is expensive compared to other yogurt, but pretty good in taste. After Chobani and Fage withdraw for about 11 months, I figured that satisfied me well, but then my trip to Seattle at the end of December proved me wrong: Chobani and other greek yogurt in the States beat the Japanese brand! Plus, I found additional flavors and sizes, even new consumption methods with chia and other delights have been introduced to Chobani. So much development has happened in just 11 months of me not visiting American grocery stores. I was certainly surprised at growth of greek yogurt industry.

So this time, I picked up an 8-pack-case of their multi-pack that had black cherry and blackberry flavors. Both were great and not too sweet with the right thickness. I added fresh blueberries in it (northwest does its best with berries even during non-summer seasons!), which filled my mornings with glory.



I am hoping that the greek yogurt industry will grow in Japan this year, just like the U.S. displayed its high demand and increased its product variety over the last few years!



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