Southern in Seattle – Pan Fried Rockfish Fillet at Skillet, Seattle

Is Southern food the trend these days? I have been away from the U.S. for a bit too long to notice these trends but I feel that I have come across several southern cuisine related articles, tv shows, restaurants. Honestly, I was not exposed to southern cuisine until college years, which started in 2008.

Anyway, we hit this restaurant, Skillet Diner, in the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle. It was a very misty night, and we were almost not making it to our reservation, but we made it safely on time! After much contemplation, I decided for their pan fried rockfish fillet. The fish was covered in southern corn flour crust, and it was placed on top of cheese grits. Texture-wise, the corn flour crust was crunchy (even after the fish sat on the grits for a while). The fish’s body was flaking off, and was very meaty, which I loved! Cheese grits was rather on the heavy side (I think it is supposed to be; it is cheese grits, right). Also the side of malt vinegar remoulade was sour, almost like a pickled Chinese vegetable. Very interesting combination put together.


The boys I was with shared several dishes. One of them was Skillet’s southern fried chicken over cornmeal waffle. Mmm. delicious! I never understood why people dipped sausage in maple syrup, but I totally understand the combination of chicken and waffles with syrup. The two combination must have something in common. I have cornmeal at home that I want to make use – anyone have good recipes?


Skillet Diner’s website:



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