French x slow food x fast food at Table Ogino, Tokyo

Local, organic with no additive, carefully selected ingredients are used at Table Ogino in Daikanyama neighborhood of Tokyo. This place is a cafe where you can find tables and big tables to share as well. I saw several guests that came in solo, and it is a very comfortable place to do so. I first wanted to come here because I saw that it was highly rated on Tabelog, a Japanese version of Yelp, and it suited my desire to have a long chat with a friend I had not met up with for a long time.

At first, their settings were a bit confusing because you go get your seat upstairs, and you order downstairs. The downstairs part has a beautiful selection of baked goods assembled. Our eyes were literally aiming for those goodies before our lunch orders. Lunch order is in the form of selecting two, three, or four items off the menu. My greediness made me choose four selections: eggplant and carrot marinade, quiche of the day (which was with sausage and vegetables), roasted beef with Madeira sauce, and panna cotta. This came with a side of rice. I actually ended up cancelling my panna cotta because the baked goods looked too good to miss.





See the gorgeous display!


We shared our treat of the day, which was too hard to resist.

I highly recommend this place. It is more for a smaller group of people (I think max four people), but it is very cozy and their food is great!

Table Ogino website:



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