Salade de Galette at Mothers Cafe de Galette

Wheat free diet for me works and does not work in the way of avoiding wheat products. It is difficult at times to avoid wheat just because so many food items have wheat in it. But occasionally comes a checkpoint in which I know I want to continue what I started.

The other day, I was with Miya who is allergic to wheat. For brunch, we had many options to choose from and decided on Mothers Cafe de Galette. This cafe is located at the edge of Inokashira Park, which is a park that gets filled with people during cherry blossom season. On this sunny Saturday in early March, we took a seat outside, where they provided blankets and a heater. The staff were very kind in bringing warmth to our table.

I knew I wanted something savory for this meal, and I was eyeing specifically on eggs. I love eggs in my galette – there is a happiness factor in it that I cannot express well (does anyone share this with me?). On the menu were couple egg galettes along with other savory and sweet items. Reading the ingredients, I immediately decided on Salade de Galette, which had cheese, arugula, tomato, mixed leaves, and Milano salami. I know this does not contain eggs, but I decided to ask to substitute salami with eggs, which they accepted! Miya and I ordered the same, and fully enjoyed our Saturday brunch.



Mothers Cafe de Galette:

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