Wappameshi lunch at Aen, Tokyo

I learn something new everyday, and today’s learning was about wappameshi. There are so many vocabulary I don’t know in Japanese but I like learning about them because it always has a meaning. “Wappa” is a container made of our thin and flat cedar tree. “Meshi” means meal or more so rice. So wappameshi is rice that was cooked in the cedar tree container. Cooking method varies but the rice in wappameshi is often cooked with dashi which brings out lots of flavor, and its ingredient often includes seasonal fish. My wappameshi had chicken, mushroom, eggs, root vegetables that was marinated in teriyaki sauce. Tomoko and I really wanted to come here actually for their vegetables served here, and we ended up enjoying everything that was on our set menu.



Aen website: http://www.mosdining.co.jp/aen/isetankaikan.php

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