Vietnamese Tomato and Crab Soup at Vietnam Alice, Tokyo

Tomoko and I enjoy Asian food… a lot. Firstly we volunteered as teachers together in Thailand after our first year in high school. That, or maybe something before that, had triggered our interest in south east Asia. We now live in different cities but often come together at either of our cities (mostly Tokyo), and our gathering is always over a meal, typically Asian food.

This last meet up with her, we went to Vietnam Alice, which was rated high in the Shinjuku district on Japanese version of Yelp, Tabelog. There was a huge line for Friday lunch, which was a national holiday, but that did not sway us away from eating there. Various options were offered as a lunch set, and I chose the rice noodles with tomato and crab soup. The appetizers (not pictured) were cute – it came in a boat shaped long container, and had 4 different rolls. My main soup was tasty with lots of crab flavor. I usually don’t like cooked tomato that are in pieces, but that did not bother me at all, and the tomato flavor blended well with crab. The appetizers filled my stomach so it was difficult to finish my bowl of soup, but I would certainly go back there for another bowl.


Vietnam Alice website:

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  1. Loraloozi says:

    That looks really yummy. Wonder if I could find a recipe to cook it myself.

    1. Plates of Art says:

      If I come across any, I’ll post it here 🙂

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