Keema curry at Soup Curry Cocoro, Tokyo

This is a blurry photo of this keema curry I had at Cocoro, but I wanted to share this with you because this week turned out to be a curry week for me (out of 7 nights, I had curry 4 times). No, I am not the biggest fan of curry (though Japanese curry was my dish to make during my college years!), but I enjoyed this curry a lot on a date night with my dad. We were actually in search for a hidden Italian/French (my dad didn’t know) restaurant but as we were unable to locate it, we decided to go for Cocoro. Cocoro specializes in soup curry but as you can see, I chose to be different and chose their only menu item that is not a soup curry: their keema curry. This keema curry had pork meat and had lots of vegetables, which was my favorite part since it made my plate full of colors. It had broccoli, eggplants, onion, edamame, potato, red bell peppers, carrots, toumyou (leaves of beans), and slivered almonds. Almonds were the best part (favorite and best parts in this one curry!) because other vegetables got the almond flavor covered all over but the almonds didn’t. Plus it added a different texture in the dish. The store allows you to choose from white or brown rice, so I chose brown which added sweetness to the dish. I finished the entire bowl and was totally satisfied with my dinner that night!

Visit Cocoro Curry:

photo (1)


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