Grandma’s healthy homemade food

My grandma makes the most healthy food on earth, I am not kidding. The other night, I visited my grandparents and had Grandma’s homemade cooking together. Unfortunately I did not make it in time to watch all preparation done so I have no idea how long she took to make all this, but she makes this amazing dinner every night. She’s a champ!

You can see that it there is so much vegetable just for this dinner. She uses a divider plate for a reason, which is to control portion size. She said that if dinner is serving family-style, it is easy to over eat. That makes perfect sense!

To explain the right items on the plate, let’s start from the top left in white and orange. This is pickled daikon radish and carrot – very good for your digestive system. To the right is soy flavored stewed carrots, mushroom, burdock, and konjak (a jelly-like starch). To that right is flavored cooked spinach. That already counts five type of vegetable. Going down to bottom right is burdock and carrot stir fry. To the left of that is pork dumplings, which I used Japanese mustard with pictured on the small blue plate. To the left of dumplings is Korean seaweed mix.

Then there are miso soup, sashimi, two types of fish (salmon and atka mackerel), nikujyaga (a dish that highlights beef and potatoes flavored in soy). My biggest challenged here was rice because it had green peas in it, which I don’t really like but was able to eat because all the other dishes were so tasty.

She said she has been using a lot less soy sauce (she said she cut down 50%!) because she wants to be careful of the amount of sodium in her dishes for their health. She was concerned that her already purchased soy sauce bins were not going empty!

On top of this dinner, my grandparents have right types do steamed vegetables for breakfast and salad for dinner. No wonder they are so healthy. I will have to refer back to this post once in a while to remind myself what is important.



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  1. Loraloozi says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. A dinner like this is heavenly. I may try to cook and serve vegetables in a similar way. Thanks for the inspiration.

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