French dressing pasta salad

Potluck picnic!

It was time for cherry blossoms in Tokyo and I had a potluck gathering and brought this pasta salad. There was a lot of thinking behind this because this was for a large party of 20 or so, and also because this was outside and we had limited heat appliances available to us at the park. So I decided on this pasta salad that was supposedly easy but it was harder than predicted.

I got bow tie pasta for fun.

Pasta, 1kg
Red bell peppers
Mini tomato
Black olives
Garbanzo beans
McCormick and Schmick’s French dressing, two bottles

The amount of each ingredient is up to you. I like to make mine colorful so I had lots of ingredients to the amount of pasta I had.

All that’s needed is preparation. Asparagus and broccoli should be blanched, and all vegetable to be chopped up in easy to eat size (don’t make it too small!). Pasta was hard because you want it al dente. Cook it one or two minutes less than instructed, then shock it in very cold water so pasta stops cooking itself. Cooking pasta was the hardest part that I had a virtual chef next to me to guide my cooking. Then once everything is ready, make sure to drain water from all ingredients as much as possible – that is the key according to my mom – then toss everything together with the dressing. It took me 2 hours to make this, but it should be an easier recipe!







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