Amalia’s breakfast: egg in bell pepper, brazilian sausage, wraps, and savory egg cake

Yes, Amalia’s breakfast goes oooon! Her creativity is beyond the world; I say she is amazing. For this breakfast, seriously we had so much to eat I was too full to eat one of the dishes created that I missed out on eating the wrap!

Here we have egg in bell pepper – I believe this was made in the oven. Amalia knew from seeking our eating habits that we like very softly done eggs, so she prepared this runny egg for us. That takes talent.





And for the first time in my life, I had linguica calabresa, which is Brazilian sausage. Not spicy nor too sweet, yet those flavors were present, this sausage contains garlic and mildly hot pepper. I think had just too many cuts of these… that made me full to eat the wraps. There is no sausage only photo, but it is on the bottom right of the below picture.



And the wrap I couldn’t eat… it looks like it had ham, cheese, and alfalfa in it. I know I would have loved it.


And then this savory egg cake with green peppers, onion, and vegetables in hogao. I kept on cutting slices for myself for this one, too. Too delicious to miss out. I loved the bit of crispiness that I got from the outer edges (I love edges; I will eat bread edges, I am an edge girl), and the moist inside that had plenty of vegetables that filled my vitamin needs for the day.


Good thing I went on couple runs around the lagoon during this vacation… 


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