Amalia’s breakfast: fresh fruit juice and superfood omelet

This is the last of Amalia’s fiesta series, at least for now… Hopefully more to come in the future…!

As I’ve mentioned in many posts, Amalia cooked with the freshest ingredients picked up from the farmers market and local supermarkets. Her cooking involved lots of superfood, which I think contributed greatly to my overall health during my far away travel from Japan to Brazil. Through conversing with Amalia, I learned new Colombian cuisine, Latin American style of cooking, nutrition, and the sweetest personality that she brought to my life story, which is one I look up to.

Cheers with this fruit juice that is often served in festivities and get-together a in columbia.


And this is omelet with onion, spinach, sausage in it, with alfalfa sprouts!

photo 3

photo 4

Also posting this dessert Amalia made for one of the lunches. Topped with fresh berries!

photo 1 (1)

I truly enjoyed every single bite of Amalia’s food that I got to eat. I am forever going to cherish this experience! It is my wishful thinking that I get to see Amalia once again hopefully sometime soon!

Amalia’s restaurant in Columbia is called Verdeo.

Visit her website here!


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