Milk Mura, Sapporo

Welcome to this special world in Milk Mura. The word “interesting” should directly associate with this restaurant that serves ice cream with various types of liquor. Firstly, this space of Milk Mura is dark with colored lamps here and there in the restaurant space. There is a bar counter space and also booth seats, so it is like a small diner, but for ice cream only.

Secondly to the food, milk ice cream comes in a beer mug with a golden spoon. You also decide two or three different liquor of your choice from over 50 selections. You enjoy the ice cream itself first, then there is a certain way to enjoy this ice cream, which the waitress explains very thoroughly for you. You get a small bite of ice cream on your golden spoon, place the spoon on the mug, then you use these tiny spoons to pour the small volume of liquor on your golden spoon. This milk ice cream is to be enjoyed together with the liquor, which acts like syrup for your ice cream topping. You just have to try this ice cream. Every combination of the milk ice cream and liquor I had was a great match. Some liquors I enjoyed were raspberry and acorn. The mini wine glasses below have liquors in it. Such cute display and tabletop, right?



milk3Milk Mura Tabelog site:





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