Homemade shrimp (caviar) crostini

This is a piece of luxurious art made at home and is great for parties. The taste is luxurious and it is not that expensive; it is rich in flavor and this appetizer will run out very fast!

Bottom layer is similar to guacamole. We used shallots, tomatoes, chunky avocado. Layered sour cream on top, and then “caviar,” which was not real caviar but a fish roe that we found in the supermarket. We made the avocado base piece into circular shape using aluminum foil but you can also use a bowl or dish if you have the perfect size circle for this.

On top of the roe placed butter poached shrimp. So, to honesty tell you the nutrition side of this dish, it is quite calorious. We made crostini on a frying pan, and also using a toaster), and placed the goodness on top.





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