Avocado bowls of Japanese Style Tuna and Cod Roe

Having an avocado in my fridge makes a big difference for me, a happy positive difference,   other than the times I stress over needing to eat my poor over-ripening avocados. This fruit is filling and nutritious, can go both western and Asian. There’s also no need to cook and can be eaten raw, so usage of it turns into a fast and simple meal or side dish.

I had this for lunch today.
I realized having avocado adds softness to my hair (not sure if it is scientifically proven, it is just my opinion), perhaps it’s adding good vitamin. Anyway, I felt the need to take care of my hair beauty today and craved for avocado. I also wanted something easily prepped because it was about 13:30 on a day I woke up at 5:45. So at my mother’s kitchen, I took out a can of tuna and took out cod roes my mom soy marinated. I was in the mood for spice, so I added powdered red pepper, shichimi (Japanese seven slice), and sesame seeds. This filled one of my avocado halves, and the other half I filled with cod roes, which added enough saltiness and flavor with the avocado. I dug too fast before my photo opportunity.
On a side note, I’m not a huge fan of cooked avocado. Does anyone have a really good recipe I might be able to try and like? Also, how do people “store” their avocados when you can’t eat them and are aging? I’ve tried freezing them before but defrosted avocado tasted false… And the buttery-ness of the fruit disappeared. Only if I had an avocado tree in my backyard (a space I don’t even have at my apartment)… It would bring more natural supply of them to my kitchen!

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  1. bongcomb says:

    This seems to be a unique recipe! I love my omelette in avocados… You will find them here
    Veggie omlette in an avocado | bongcomb

    1. Your avo omlette is a brilliant idea, love it! Thanks for dropping by and sharing your recipe!

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