Christmas potluck brunch

This week is Christmas already! This time of year makes me think a lot about friends and loved ones, happiness and the festivities, and reflection into how this year has been for the world and everyone. And it is also a season for lots of food – good food – and a time I need to especially be aware of what I eat.

One of the early Christmas gatherings happened in mid December. We had a potluck party with a fun group of friends (also secretly a surprise birthday gathering). Each of one of us brought delectable homemade dishes, and I could not stop eating… The pictures prove the high-level food we had!






I am pretty sure I am missing out on some items on my list here, but we had: potato salad in Christmas tree form (I think I need a post on Japanese potato salad), mozzarella sticks with salsa, green salad tossed with chia, strawberries and goat cheese, yogurt and granola with berries, grilled vegetables, burgers, carrot cupcakes, and apple tart. I must say… the many of these are not that popular in Japan but my global friends brought them to our dinner table. I loved all that was served, the happy bellies and smiles that was brought to this gathering. With our heavy tummies, we lounged on the heated wooden floor until it was dark outside. It was so hard for me to go home after such meal.

Let me share with you my grilled vegetable recipe. It is so simple, everyone must try. This is so easy and perfect for small and large gathering!


Broccoli, 3 head

Cherry tomato, as much as you would like

Japanese eggplant, 8 medium

Salt and pepper

Olive oil

*You can of course grill any thing you want! Personal favorite is brussel sprouts


1. Chop vegetables to about the same size or to a size that the heat goes through evenly (be careful because root vegetables take longer to cook!). Lay out all vegetables on a grill pan.

2. Salt and pepper (more than you think!). Then drizzle olive oil.

3. Put your vegetables in a pre heated oven at 250F. Cook for about 15 minutes until some veggies brown.


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