Sashimi variety, and Happy 2015!

Happy New Year! 2015 is here and I hope everyone had a good new year break (that is if you had one). I had a rather relaxing break and spent quality time with family escaping from the busy city, breathing fresh air abundant of natural greens, chasing my cousin’s tireless dog, singing aloud and jumping high at my mom’s favorite artist’s concert, learning to make Japanese new year dishes, dish washing… that is just to raise a few.

End of year and new year dishes came together as usual with year end soba, new years food both in Japanese and Korean style. Check out my previous posts on them here:

New Years Food, post from Jan 2012

Japanese and Korean New Year Food, post from Jan 2014

Winter in Japan is also a season of good seafood. With the Japanese archipelago surrounded by ocean, we get a vast array of seafood. With that said though, we do import quite a bit for the best grade products.

My mom put together this plate of sashimi for an appetizer before our hotpot dinner.

sashimi1 sashimi2

From the left is octopus, avocado slices, and crab. Technical definition of sashimi has to have the ingredients raw, so in this case, it is not really sashimi. But my family likes to eat these boiled octopus and crab, and fresh avocado like we eat sashimi with soy sauce and wasabi. It is common, I think, to eat such ingredients this way in Japan. Trust me on this avocado, soy sauce, and wasabi marriage. It tastes like tuna when you eat this combination!

This year, I hope to introduce local, unique, handsome and sweet looking food on Plates of Art. More to come, and I hope to increase my viewers, subscribers, and likes!


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