Two varieties of homemade sweet potato soup

This winter, I have been craving warm soup. Maybe it is me being sensitive to cold temperature this year; my fingers are cold, my body is cold… I try my best to keep myself warm through exercise. It is important to increase your body temperature to stimulate all organs and improve your blood circulation during cold winter days when we tend to stay inside and sit down all day long. It was actually my goal to make more soup last winter, but I am on it now a year later.

One of my accomplishing soups I made this year, this sweet potato soup. I made two versions for two nights: one was straight and one with milk. Base ingredients are the same.





Sweet potato, 1 huge one

Negi, 2 stalk (green and white parts)

Garlic, 1 clove

Ginger, to your liking

Garlic powder, just because I need more

Tumeric, 1 teaspoon

Shichimi spice

Olive oil


1. Chop up all vegetable including garlic and ginger. Add water to your pot so all vegetable get covered. Let it simmer for about 15 minutes.

2. Let your pot off the heat. Separate water and vegetable. Insert all your vegetables in your mixer, or for me my magic bullet. Let it grind it all…

3. Put your vegetable mix back in your pot. Warm it up until it’s hot enough for soup! I added turmeric, shichimi spice and olive oil at this point.

4. On my second night, i added milk and warmed it up in my pot stirring occasionally to not let it boil. I added dill and celery leaves.


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