Kohlrabi homemade simple salad

New vegetable found in front of my eyes! I searched up and learned that this root vegetable looking like giant is called kohlrabi. Certainly a big win for my grocery trip because I purposely went to the further grocery shop in my neighborhood that often sells unique vegetables. My research said that this is a German turnip cabbage and is an annual vegetable. It can be eaten raw or cooked. This giant bulb weighed quite a bit, and I figured that I should peel its skin off, and once I tried it raw, it was so sweet and delicious! It tasted like sweet potato and broccoli stem combined with good texture. I thought it could easily be used as a vegetable stick to eat with dips, but for the purpose of me making a side dish for dinner, I decided to make a simple salad. I didn’t want to ruin this perfectly sweet vegetable, so I decided to use minimal ingredients. With it being perfectly raw, I tried steaming the sliced kohlrabi and its stems in the microwave. Turned out great because I didn’t steam it too long that it lost its texture but the stem got cooked enough to eat. I used shichimi spice to contrast its sweetness with a bit of spiciness, which I think brought out the vegetable’s sweetness even more! kohlrabi1 kohlrabi2 Ingredients: Kohlrabi, one bulb, its stem, and leaf Konbucha powder, 2 teaspoon Shichimi spice, to sprinkle Instructions: 1. Peel off kohlrabi’s skin. Slice it and chop into a shape you want to see (mine was a rectangle). Also chop up its leaf and stem. 2. Steam in the microwave using a vegetable steamer for a minute. 3. Place heated vegetable in a bowl. Add konbucha powder and mix. Sprinkle shichimi spice I want to try it with olive oil next time because I see how many recipes online call for them together. Online also says that it caramelizes after roasting… that must also be good with other roasted vegetables.


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  1. Vinny Grette says:

    My picky eater LOVES kohlrabi – go figure 🙂

    1. Vinny, they are sooo sweet. It’s almost like they aren’t vegetable.

      1. Vinny Grette says:

        Sugar – that explains it 🙂

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