Energy Yogurt Bowl

Another one of my favorite simple breakfast. This is so easy to make as long as you have the ingredients with you. It is packed with nutrients from plant based foods and starts your day right with vitamin, healthy fats, natural sugar, and protein (am I missing anything?).



Plain yogurt

Frozen blueberries (I choose frozen blueberries because fresh ones are way too expensive in Japan, but fresh would work, too!)

Ground Black sesame


Sunflower seeds

Green and red raisin

(Really simple) Instructions:

  1. In  a small bowl, put your desired amount of yogurt. On top, add all the other ingredients together.

That’s it, it wasn’t much of a recipe…! When I eat this, I know I start the day right  with the right energy. I also crave for this when being away from home for a bit and am looking to reset myself. Give it a try!

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