Bavarian Pretzels with Chives

I think it is time to talk about Germany. Iris and I went to Germany at the end of February, ultimately to go to a Bundesliga match of Dortmund vs. Schalke. Both of us being soccer fans and food lovers, there was no complaint when traveled together because we were in constant search for anything related to consumption of soccer and food. I will have to provide several posts on the various German food we encountered, and today’s starts with pretzels.

One cannot underestimate the goodness of Bavarian pretzels – they are SO good. You get more and more flavor as you chew, and it is so fulfilling. Street vendors selling pretzels are everywhere in town and stations, and they always have a variety of it. We concluded our favorite to be schnittlauchbrezel, chive pretzels in English. We first thought that the white cream inside was cream cheese but read that it was butter, so it is a lot of butter… It is the best, though! Bread, salt, butter, chives is a good blend for a snack, quick lunch, maybe even for breakfast. You can’t miss out on this if you’re in Munich!

IMG_8419 IMG_8420 IMG_9499

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