Homemade Firefly Squid Salad

Some of you may think this is not to their taste but that is exactly why I am going to write up a post on this not too well known firefly squid salad. What is this squid thing? It’s a squid that’s in season during this April/May time in Japan and it’s like a baby squid. One squid is probably about 6 to 7 cm in its length, and one can eat its whole thing. It is widely known to be eaten together with sour miso and vinegar sauce.

squidsalad1 squidsalad2

It almost looks like an octopus…

I had an idea for this salad to use asparagus and I needed a protein for it and found this squid at the supermarket. This salad has alfalfa, spinach on the bottom, steamed asparagus, tomato, myoga (a type of ginger), and those black things are salted seaweed. For my dressing, I mixed together celery salt, olive oil, and balsamic vinaigrette. I think I need to go make myself another one of these before the firefly squid season is over!

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  1. The food looks tasty.

    1. Thanks! I love making colorful salads 🙂 will post more.

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