Quinoa salad from Juice Bar Italia

When I go to a foreign country, a must go for me is the grocery store, supermarket, and/or the best of it all, farmer’s market. My trip to Milan, Italy was with the purpose of visiting the World Expo 2015 with the them of food and sustainability (this needs another post), and I got two days to explore Milan city itself. I often saw a store called Juice Bar and decided to pick up this quinoa salad for my breakfast the next day as we were staying at an Airbnb apartment and our choice of breakfast was all free for us to decide!



This nutrition rich salad had black quinoa, tofu, italian parsley, black rice, steamed carrots, Sicilian eggplant, and mixed seeds (like pumpkin seeds). You can see from the list of ingredients that it included lots of carbohydrates but good carbohydrates that give you good vitamins and nutrients to your body that needs them. Tofu and seeds added protein to this, and this whole salad gave good energy for the rest of the day. It’s sometimes difficult to gather all the ingredients, but once you have a staple of these energy rich food in your fridge, you can make a variety making a variety of dressing and by preparing in different heating methods (steamed, stir-fried, raw, etc.)!

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