Fourth of July, Homemade Red White and Blue Popsicles

Red, white, and blue – I wanted to bring out something with those colors and connect it to food… and with now being summer season, I chose berries!


For fourth of July, I prepared dark cherries and blueberry frozen yogurt popsicles. Originally I had strawberries in mind for red but found none of it at the supermarket (Japan’s strawberries season is winter), so I found the perfect substitute of summer cherries. Easy to make these if you have popsicle molds! I also had more yogurt mix left and made cube sized ones with an ice cube container (maybe this will make a good drink added with alcohol).

Two summers ago, i posted this similar recipe here.

This time around…


Regular plain yogurt, 450g

Honey, 1/5 cup

Frozen blueberries, as much as you need

Dark cherries, de-pit them please! Chopped up into 1/3rds


1. Mix yogurt and honey. Make sure to taste them as you add honey because you don’t want it too sweet here. You want to have the eaters enjoy the fruits’ natural sweetness

2. Slowly add yogurt in your mold one spoonful at a time. Add cherries and blueberries. Add one spoonful of yogurt… repeat. I suggest not to add too much fruit at a time so your yogurt can bind them together.

3. Freeze them at least 3 hours!

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