Macrobiotic dinner feat “fu”

I spent my consecutive days off this September in Shizuoka, Japan, the prefecture in which Mt. Fuji is located and where vast amount of land is occupied by nature. With both my friend and I having fond interest in health (especially in the field of food lifestyle), we decided to participate in a holisitc health retreat where we were invited to practice a macrobiotic diet. I had always been interested in this concept but could not practice it strictly not having enough self discipline to displace myself from the monstrous state of prepared food, eating out, (I could list more but I will stop!), etc. The three days at this retreat and nature-binding lodge allowed me to finally take on this practice, and I will share with you what I had!




The main dish you find here is deep fried “fu” aka wheat gluten. Its title sounds evil especially in the world we live in where we have gluten free diet fad and such, but this ingredient has a long history in Japan as many vegetarian Buddhist practitioners had this in their diet. Fu itself has elastic texture (don’t worry – it doesn’t taste like rubber, trust me!) and having it deep fried (also learned that deep frying is part of macrobiotic diet) was surprisingly really tasty. The most amazing part of this is that the chef used crushed walnuts for her bread crumbs! SO CLEVER!

Other things on the table are salad with carrot dressing, cold pumpkin soup, brown rice, and ratatouille.

And this is the lodge we stayed at. I’ll be introducing more of their food in the coming entries!



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