Let’s talk about figs

Figs – a fruit that I had never purchased fresh ones for myself up until this year. I had always had figs in dried form because they are easily available all year long in supermarkets (yes, in Japan they have it in convenience stores), but when I moved neighborhoods this past summer and my local vege/fruit shop naturally got attached to my lifestyle, I started to buy them.

Figs have amazing natural sweetness (the darker they are, the riper they are, so the more sweet they are just like most fruits), and it contains lots of fiber. It is also rich in vitamin A, E, K, and have antioxidant properties – why miss out on them?

So I like to eat them just as itself. And they are beautiful inside so take a look! Apples used to be my go-to sweeteners for my green juice, but I think figs have replaced them during their season. I also had roasted figs with soy glaze at my cooking teacher’s house, which was to die for put together with roasted pork! Hope you can purchase them in your local area.




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