Japanese simple obento

I’m sure many of you have “bento” now in your vocabulary. If not, bento (or obento) or bento box is Japan’s lunch box or take out food.

Personal story, I highly respect my mom and have a lot to give back to her because she made me obento from my kindergarden days all the way up to when I graduated high school (Yes, she’s amazing!). She had variety, some I loved, some I liked, some ingredients I didn’t like, but every single one of them was filled with love, so much love. Her creativity is amazing. I wish I had photos, but she made character obento for occasions. One of her simple tricks she did was on boiled eggs that were cut in zigzag like they were dinosaur eggs (Yes, again, she’s amazing!).

We can also easy pick up bento at convenience stores, wagons (Japanese version of food trucks), and many restaurants/cafes offer bento boxes to easily purchase and take out. This weekend for a quick lunch, I got this colorful fall flavored bento.


Each of them is similar to onigiri (aka rice balls), and it is filled with sushi rice and was wrapped in tofu skin. Some of them are mochi rice, and some were regular rice. From the left:

-mushroom and carrot mixed rice onigiri

-red rice and red beans sprinkled with black sesame and salt

-chestnut rice

-pickled mountain vegetable mix

-pickled vegetable

It’s a lot of carbohydrates, but it also contains lots of vegetables. Seasonal with chestnuts. Filling for a light lunch. Japan’s creation is too innovative to just glance. I love getting ideas from them for me to make at home!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lona says:

    Your mom is amazing and I hope to try her obento someday…

    1. Lona, yessss she’s always too good 😉

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