Smoked Salmon and NY Bagel from Allium, Chicago

There’s just something about smoked salmon and bagels – it’s such a great combination, I cannot get over it. My mother claims that my siblings and I started having a liking for smoked salmon during summer 1998, when we had a family Euro trip. To think back, I was only 8 years of old – what a fancy thing to like for a girl that age! And bagels. So much carbs for that one chunk of bread, but when you get the right bagels, they are so darn good. Then, their combination. I don’t eat it much now that I live in Japan, and I don’t buy much bagels nor do I buy smoked salmon. So when I went to Chicago this October, I treated myself to this perfect plate of what Allium calls on their menu, Smoked Salmon – NY Bagel & Fixings.


It’s a fun plate because you get to make your very own bagel. I like everything to be on it, so I slathered their herb cream cheese, topped it with onion then tomato, added smoked salmon, then capers with a squeeze of fresh lemon. Fennel adds so much flavor to this, I would call it an acquired taste, but it’s just so good. I like to add just few pieces of capers because they are quite bold and sour. I was completely content with my first bite of this.

I am aiming to get good bagels in Tokyo – I know a place where I must visit because I run by the shop all the time. When time comes, I know to share it with my readers!


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