Homemade Spring Rolls

I had always wondered why spring roll is a popular choice to order at southeast asian restaurants. I guess it’s an awesome menu item though, since usually the ingredients used are used in other dishes, easily and quickly made. This time, I was at a home party with a theme of southeast asian food, and the host decided to make spring rolls! It’s so easy to make as long as you can carefully handle rice paper (which I sometimes struggle to do…). But look at this beauty once it’s made!


This one has carrots, cucumber, radish sprouts, and cooked shrimp! Had it with the host’s favorite sauce of sweet and chili sauce (which I purchased for myself) since this sauce is SO good and adds so much flavor to food, especially veggies!

Look at all the food we had. Pad thai, tuna and egg salad, imitation meat stirfry, gai pad bai, chicken satay with peanut sauce. I made the chicken stay, but we ate it before I got to take a photo…


One Comment Add yours

  1. Vinny Grette says:

    Those spring rolls look beautiful and they’re making me hungry!

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