Hemp Seeds

Hemp seed can put a question mark to some, but I trust the internet to believe that it is a legal food. This seed is more than amazing as it is nutritionally dense with good omega fats and is a source of complete protein. It can turn into milk, oil, butter – it is super versatile! I have yet to try these forms, but I already love using it as itself, its seed.

Hemp seed has been on the supermarket shelves in the States for a while, but I think it is not that prevalent in Japan. Lucky me I get them in my hands from my cooking and nutrition girl 🙂 I love to use it with veggies, it’s almost like part of dressing, and I put them in whenever I feel the need of extra boost in my immune system or health in general so having this in my pantry is always a plus.




This photo above is with steamed broccoli, hemp and flax seeds, put together with shiokouji (Japanese malted rice) and olive oil. Super easy and super nutritious. Easy side salad to have for lunch or dinner. To think, maybe you can put them in your morning cereal, too!

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