Ogura Toast

Japan is known for its top-notch quality food, and I also applaud for the variety Japanese food offers. Japanese cooking uses multitude of cooking methods, always uses seasonal ingredients, it has its distinct dishes and flavors in each region… yes, it could be the same in any country, but remember its SUPERB quality!

This past weekend, I went to Nagoya, which is between Tokyo and Osaka. The region has many Nagoyameshi they call it, their Nagoya food. One of them, which I got to know last summer, is ogura toast. Ogura is sweet bean, and this simple meal is not that creative if you think about it but totally unexpected to be well known, yet so delicious. Thickly cut toast, and get some generous amount of butter on it, and even more generous amount of sweet bean like you would spread jam (but, a lot). I was running a half marathon the next day, so it was my 2nd dessert for the night, and I’d say it contributed to me finishing a good race the next day. It seems like people have this for breakfast (it was offered at the hotels I have stayed at in Nagoya) and maybe for snack time. The coffee shop I had this was called Komeda’s Coffee, which has become my favorite Nagoya coffee shop for this ogura toast specifically (my data is totally skewed). It’s a chain store so you’ll find it in the city a lot. I’m definitely making this at home in Tokyo.






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