Pickled new onion (recipe) Mexican and Asian Salad

It’s in season for newly harvested vegetables, and the two root vegetables that I love seeing at the grocery store at this time are onions and potatoes. Japanese language calls them “new” onion and “new” potatoes. I remember back in college, I wondered if I would be able to eat my mom’s pickled fresh onion, which I loooove, after ending my semester at the end of May. Though they end by this time, I was able to eat them because my mom would make and save me some! And today’s recipe is that pickled new onion.


Ingredients (super simplified!):

New onion, 1 head

Soy sauce and vinegar (at 1:1 ratio)

Japanese cooking sake, 1 tablespoon



  1. Slice your new onion very thin at 3mm. Though new onions are not spicy (you don’t even have to soak them in water, they are naturally sweet! And please those who know science, tell me why I hardly get tears in my eyes with new onions), you want to make sure they get plenty exposure to the sauce you’re going to make
  2. In a jar or flat container, put together soy sauce and vinegar at 1:1 ratio, add sake (if you have it). For me, I ran out of soy sauce this time I made it, but this ratio did the job!
  3. Soak over night, or make it in the morning and it will be ready by dinner.



And the other day, I made this salad. I put together whatever I had in my kitchen, so it became a fusion of Mexican and Asian. It’s hard to see in this photo, but I put my pickled onion and cooked spinach together (that’s my Asian part). My Mexican part is adding organic tomato and red quinoa together with this Mexican spice mix I had. Added avocado slices and topped it with shiso leaves that were in desperate need of use. A real quick fix of nutritious food!


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