Asparagus quinoa salad

Asparagus is in SEASON (actually it’s been in season for a while now). My mom got a good bunch of it sent from northern Japan, and I found some quinoa in my mom’s pantry, so I put those together. And yes, I like to find good stuff in my mom’s kitchen… 🙂

I cooked quinoa and mixed cooked salmon with some asian spice mix. I also very very thinly julienned those “new” onions I talked to you about in my last post (remember, these are eaten raw with no onion aftertaste!), then got some easily microwave-boiled asparagus. That green paste on the right of the photo is yuzu pepper, which by the way, has superb bold taste and is very spicy.


Those green beans are called “broad beans,” apparently, in English and they are of this season as well. And that brown thing is ikanago fish aka sandeel fish cooked with soy sauce, honey, and Japanese sansho peppers. Simple lunch!



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  1. Kristin says:

    Looks so fresh and tasty! Great combination. And I’ll feel good about putting so many healthy ingredients into my body. Thank you.

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