The fad: avocado toast

Avocado toast -avocado in general- is everywhere on health, fitness, and food related blogs and Instagram. It’s amazing how much attention it’s receiving these days! And yes, with so much influence in my eyes, it was only natural for my brain and tastebuds to crave it, and now I’m riding with this fad of having avocado toast in the morning probably at the pace of having it every other day.

Earlier in the year, I posted an avocado buttered bread entry, and back then I used this walnut bread I liked. To review it once again, that bread actually already contains relatively higher sugar content compared to regular bread. I now like having my avocado over regular bread then to add avocado and sprinkle it with salt and sometimes paprika (picture below is with sesame). I like the savory flavor in contrast to the fruits I eat separately in the morning.

This new fad started for me in late May, when my lifestyle changed a bit with a new start. I realized having this gets me through the morning with no feeling of hunger until lunch time. It’s a good energy booster combo with carbs and healthy fat!

And I can’t get over how beautiful this plate is! It’s a new addition to my kitchen, a gift I got from special people in my life!




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