Quick and easy salmon veggie bowl

Sometimes you simply have a hodgepodge of ingredients you have to put together for a quick meal. To be honest, I don’t have a recipe in mind most nights I cook, I find whatever is in my fridge to make whatever I can. Here is a bowl I put together that has heaps of nutritional balanced contents.

From my fridge, I took out cooked salmon salted and grilled the Japanese way, half an avocado, spring onions, green onions and ginger. The black stuff on top is ground black sesame, which I took from my pantry. This bowl contains protein, vegetables, healthy fats, and good energy. A bit on the spicy and herby side with green onion and raw spring onion (I would let it soak in pure water for at least minutes) or I would cook it otherwise. I think this would also be good over rice with wasabi and soy sauce or even with a combination of salt and sesame oil to dress!



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