Homecooked Korean-Mexican adzuki salad

This was exactly what I needed the other day, something spicy, colorful, and rich in nutrients. It was super easy to make (again) with whatever that was in the fridge (yet again). I had loads of frozen adzuki beans because I had been cooking a lot of it, so I needed a way to use it up…!

So as a base, I had romaine lettuce. The colorful part of all this is a concoction of adzuki beans, steamed corn, baby tomatoes, cucumber, and I added Korean codfish kimchi with garlic powder. I would have added more spice if I had any but I didn’t, but I would highly suggest you do to get the kick of it. I named this Korean-Mexican because there is no taste of Mexican but its looks is very Mexican, because of the ingredients I used. On a random note, there is natto (Japanese sticky beans) and a boiled egg to top it all.

Mexican Korean salad

There is so much fiber to this meal, lots of vegetables and lots of chewing to do, which made me eat slower so that was a plus. I also didn’t need to use heat to make this dish (my corn was already steamed. But you can also use raw corn, my current favorite!), and it made a perfect summer meal!


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