Yuzu Citrus Dressed Cabbage, Avocado, and Wild Rice Salad

I promise I don’t make anything too intricate. What I make at home are all so simple, maybe too simple. I concocted and uncovered this ultimate dressing I made from my friend’s gift of yuzu kosho (aka peppered yuzu, or chili with yuzu flavor from Kyushu) that is as easy as putting together the chili with olive oil. Two ingredients, just two ingredients. And what I did with this easy salad is that I medium-thinly cut cabbage and mixed that together with cooked wild rice and avocado, then dressed it with that dressing. Done!

The ratio of yuzu kosho to olive oil depends on how much peppery kick you want. So add some more olive oil if you think you need your flavor to be more mild. Just remember that a small pinch of yuzu kosho goes a long way.

In the winter, this recipe is good with cooked cabbage. It makes a nice hearty warm salad for a big salad lunch or a nice salad dish on the side!

Yuzu Kosho salad


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