Savory French Toast at Grand Lake Kitchen, Oakland California

I was in Oakland, California for a day and a bit a few weeks ago, and I knew that I would be grabbing lunch in the area. I had a Mexican dinner planned and also another meal to discover for myself, so I went on Yelp to find the good eats and found this savory french toast at the Grand Lake Kitchen.


They call it savory french toast, and it has poached eggs, wild mushrooms, a mountain of arugula, slivers of parmesan cheese, and this herb mixed oil. The french toast part is rye bread in porcini batter. Mushrooms added lots of taste to this dish while parmesan added a salty kick. The bread didn’t feel redundant, and I actually ate the whole thing… yum!

I also have a little excerpt from this lunch. I loved this brief conversation I had with the fancy ladies (my grandma’s age) who sat at the table beside me. As soon as they saw my beautiful plate descend on my table from the waitress’ long arms, they looked at it and said, “WOW, what did you get dear? That looks so delicious.” They kept asking me what it was, if the greens on top were kale, how I found this on the menu, while they had their standard looking sandwiches. It was only maybe a couple minutes of this talk, but I was amazed to find how much they knew about things like kale and enjoyed talking to them. I’m sure they would’ve loved to have this if they had known about it. Maybe a menu with photos would help expand the exposure to these already hot menu items…!

Grand lake Kitchen website:


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  1. Kristin says:

    This looks so so delicious! Next time I am in SF I”ll have to try it. I sent the address to Katie. Hope all is well~

    1. Kristin! I highly recommend this restaurant! Very nice view of the lake, and their food was oishii 😉 Miss you!

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