Health through colors

Health – is one of the biggest themes for me in 2017. I always write down my new year resolutions, and I have maybe 7-8 agenda points. Health is always on it as food, nutrition, physical, mental health. That’s why I want to make myself more knowledgeable in this field, so I not only take care of myself but will be able to take care of others. What are your health goals for this year?
My cooking goals are the same as always: to make the healthy out of simple. This below is a salad I put together very quickly for a late lunch one day. I threw together various ingredients that were in my fridge as leftovers and made this Mexican style salad. This colorful salad has mixed greens, raw turnip, rotisserie chicken, small tomatoes, chopped up green beans, and I used salsa as to dress because I had not much else. I try to aim for healthy through the use of colors as I believe colors on our plate tell us a lot about what the food tastes like (though there are meals that taste amazing and belong in the same shade of color…. those are really special ones!).

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