Apple cider vinegar and shungiku green juice

Many know that I love my magic bullet, which is my favorite kitchen tool after THE ultimate spatula. I use the magic bullet most often to make my green juice, which I usually end up making with whatever is in the fridge and freezer that sound like a good concoction to me that day. Honest truth: sometimes my green juice doesn’t taste good… but it helps that I have it first thing in the morning because my body (usually) appreciates food I ingest and taste after being fasted for long hours. So this time, with no false call, I tried out apple cider vinegar, which I have been consuming every day since I bought this bottle.

Vinegar in general is told to have benefits for your body. It helps you digest better, controls your blood sugar levels at bay, and includes antioxidant properties that keep you healthy. So with all the reading I had been doing, I purchased a bottle of it, and included it in my shungiku (Japanese green mustard), ginger, and honey green juice. I never put honey nor any add sugar but I wasn’t sure how vinegar acted to all my other ingredients, so I added some honey. It turned out great with a refreshing taste, and it helped wake myself up in the morning. Ever since then, I have been drinking apple cider vinegar mixed water at night and/or in the morning, and I feel that my skin condition has improved.



I’m trying to figure out other ways I can use apple cider vinegar – perhaps I can pickle some veggies?


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  1. Kristin Hughes says:

    I have read the same thing about Apple Cider Vinegar having many benefits. What is your green juice recipe?

    1. Kristin, hello! The recipe for this green juice is this:
      Japanese green mustard (shungiku), chopped – 2-3 stalks
      Apple cider vinegar – 1/2 to 1 tbsp
      Ginger, grated – 1/2 inch cube
      Honey, 1 tbsp

      I also like to add in alkalizing moringa powder, antioxidant rich cinnamon powder, and anti-flammatory tumeric powder. These powders do alter flavors, a dash each would be plenty!

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