Warm swiss chard salad

It was in college when I discovered swiss chard, which was when I lived in the land of USA and wandered around Trader Joes and Whole Foods for fun. During that time, I was exposed to a lot of new foods that I hadn’t known before, and this was one of them. I don’t think I came across any while I was in Japan before 2008, but now that time has changed, I find it in the supermarket and veg shop that’s in my neighborhood. I buy them because they are so colorful and adds lots of colors to my food naturally. The colors are so bold and bright that you can promise a good looking plate. Taste-wise, it is very similar to that of spinach, so it is on the sweet side of green leafy veggies. It also is a good source of a variety of vitamin, so I recommend you try some when you are in need of good vegetable.

Apparently swiss chard is best when cooked and not raw (oops, I used to eat them raw). For this dish I prepared below, I cooked it together with shitakemushroom, cabbage, and onion. I made it simple with salt, pepper, and a squeeze of lemon juice. I simply chopped up the veggies very fast, steam cooked it to get the most nutrients even through adding heat to the veg. It’s a quick 2-3min stir on high heat, and it’s done!


Don’t mind the salmon – I’m still working on cooking it well. I clearly did not do a good job because you can see the white spots here and there, which means my heat was probably too high…


Next time, I’ll be sure to take some photos under sunlight!



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