Easy prep olives and cottage cheese endive appetizer (Cottage cheese substitute also on the blog)

I just did my wikipedia research and found that endive has more than ten names… what? That is a lot of names to memorize for one vegetable. So I chose to pick up endive (in Japan, they call these chicory) for a home lunch gathering since I wanted to bring something in (… and to put everything together there…). I only buy endive for party meals because it’s too fancy for me for regular meals, but they sure make the table decorative.

This can be easily prepared in 10 minutes. I have cottage cheese, sea salt, dried oregano and olives on each endive spoon. As an option, I added paprika for those who likes some extra kick.

For a dairy-free option (I introduce you this because I’m trying to stay off dairy recently for health and skin purposes), a substitute to cottage cheese would be to add firm tofu pieces. Make sure to let enough water out of your tofu by draining water out of the tofu container few hours before meal prep or a fast way to let water drain is to put tofu in the microwave for about 40 seconds. Make cubed tofu pieces or you can mimic the cottage cheese texture by breaking tofu pieces using your fingers. This is easy to make and I can see many other toppings come to use with endives.




1 endive (it should allow you about 10 of these endive spoons)

Black olives, sliced

Cottage cheese

Dried oregano

Sea salt





Carefully peal endive leaves and place them on a large plate. Use a spoon to place a generous amount of cottage cheese on the leaves, then place sliced olives and sprinkle some salt. On top of that, add a colorful green color from oregano, and also add paprika powder as an option.



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