Acai bowl at home

Now that the weather is getting warmer, I’m in search of non-heated foods and fruit bowls, and acai bowl came to my mind. My first time having acai bowl was when Amalia bought home non-commercialized frozen acai from the street vendors in Rio de Janeiro (my post here). This was some legitimate local acai, which was so perfect for my first experience…! Since then, I think I’ve had it one more time in Tokyo, and probably only once more that I made at home. So this creation came from my imagination, and it was a fully satisfying bowl to me, but I have no clue what this bowl was like compared to other acai bowls out there in the world. Here’s my acai shot:


The frozen acai pulp package I had in my freezer is from Fruta Fruta. I chose this one because of its ingredients list, which has acai and citric acid only. Try to find one that doesn’t have any added sugar because you’ll be adding more natural sugar anyway.

Hidden in this bowl of goodness are moringa, turmeric, lemon juice, and banana. I blended everything in my magic bullet (my absolute favorite kitchen tool) and I topped it with mango, blueberries, banana, coconut shreds, and bee pollen. Did you know that bee pollen is 40% protein, and it strengthens your immune system as it is is abundant in various vitamin. This bowl deserved my special golden spoon!


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