Concoct your summer vegetable salad

Some people tell me I eat like a rabbit, which could be true at times, but don’t worry because I do eat other things than vegetables. I post vegetable dishes frequently because I tend to have abundant stock of vegetables at home, and I must say sometimes over stock of it that I need to use up a lot of it before they go bad. And that’s when it’s a perfect time to be creative, use my imagination, and make gigantic salads. This creative part of making salad, the colors I see, the nourishment my body gets, the fridge I clean up all add up to me with a happy belly and a happy heart.

I’m going to put some photos of some salad I made the last three months that’s worth sharing!


Grilled vegetable salad

I had tons of baby kale in the fridge, which meant lots of salad for me! I grilled veggies (paprika, bell pepper, mushroom, negi, peas, asparagus), and had Japanese summer eggplant (pickled), and leftover quinoa salad. Negi added Japaneseness to this.



Steamed veg and tuna salad

Again, this is from the same stock of baby kale. I steamed broccoli, mushroom, chopped up red and yellow bell pepper, and prepared a umeboshi (Japanese plum) and cucumber vinegar salad. I am trying to stop using canned stuff, but this is canned tuna to be real, and mini tomatoes. I dressed it with my homemade yuzu kosho (yuzu pepper) and olive oil dressing.



Sweet corn and summer vegetable pumpkin salad

For this one, I just put everything together… I had spinach leaves, tomato, green pepper, sweet corn, and leftover garlic pumpkin slices, so I put them all together! I think it was a last min type of lunch.



Natto and arugula salad

This has lots of Japanese ingredients in it, like natto (fermented soybeans), myoga (flower bud of ginger?), slices of raw ginger, and I had avocado and sweet corn. The flavor combination of natto and myoga is superb, I add myoga to natto whenever I have myoga in my fridge. No dressing required because natto already has soy sauce and a bold taste to it.


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