Figs, mustard, and toast

Today is the first day of fall! That said, though, the temperature in NYC is warm (big news, I’ve moved to New York…!). With my move from Tokyo to New York, my eyes are catching everything because there’s a whole lot of new food and ingredients that are new to me, and even the size of some vegetables and fruits totally surprise me. Anyway, today’s post is about figs, mustard, and toast.

Hail to fall, I got a basket of figs! Surprisingly and contrary to many other fruits and veggies, figs I find in the US are smaller than those I find in Japan. The height of figs in Japan could get as tall as the long side of a credit card (sorry –  I’m sure there is a better comparison…). But its sweetness and its beauty are the same. I fancied my meal off with a Pinot Noir dijon mustard I brought home from France, which is where I was last weekend for my dear friend’s wedding.



Figs naturally have lots of sugar content, so I like to have it in the morning to start my day. Dijon mustard added slight sourness to this toast (unfortunately, I don’t taste a lot of the grape flavor in this mustard), and I put pink Himalayan salt to balance out the sweet and sour.

Figs when cut open are so pretty and make a great Instagram photo. What are your favorite ways to eat them?



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